Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Fashion Icons

My normal style is influenced by my mood and the weather. Sometimes I dress up, dress down. But for more style inspiration I look to these women.

Victoria Beckham

In my eyes, she can never do any wrong. She is just so effortlessly chic, it's amazing. My go-to outfits always seem to be skinnies paired with a blouse under a blazer. I love the fact that she is always wearing heels while being a working mother. If I could have anybody's closet, it would be hers!!!

Selena Gomez
Selena is just too cute. Her style is young and playful. I like to get inspired from her when I want to dress fun and my age. She keeps it classy never trashy, even when she wears crop tops and itty bitty shorts. And her hair is always looking amazing.


I just LOVE that her style has evolved from when she first started. This girl can wear saggy jeans and still make it look hot. She knows how to dress her body and I love that. When I go out and want to wear an outfit that screams "LOOK AT ME. I'M HOT!!" I think of what Rihanna would wear. Granted, she dresses a little on the slutty side, but hey! if you got the body, flaunt it. Especially being young.

Kate Moss

Kate is just one of a kind. I love how she wears furs! It's one of my favorite things to wear! Kate is my inspiration when I wanna look like I just came from a party but I still look good. Just like Victoria Beckham, she's all about skinny jeans. I love how Kate wears over-sized tops to make her small frame look even smaller. I have a similar body type to hers and that style is something that works for my body.

I have so many fashion icons that I can't name them all. Maybe I'll do a part deux.
Comment below and let me know who are your fashion icons.
Auf Wiedersehen :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

A little bit about myself....
Well, my name is Anabel. I live in Northern California. I'm a full timestudent, and I'm 23. Thought blogging is a fun way to share my fashion/beauty tip, although I'm no expert. This is my outfit for today. Oh and as you all can tell, I love Madonna!